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First Entry!!

So....this looks interesting!! I found this website via SK_Fans on Instagram, and thought I'd check it out!


"Currently Reading" is a term I use for books I am actively trying to finish, and I'm not counting the seven books on my computer desk that I've started but haven't been able to read for a few months (or six). Don't worry, I'll get to them!!


I generally have four books I'm reading at any given time. I usually have a "Project Read," which is a book that I've never read before or that takes some effort to get through ~ and currently I have two of those:

- "Officially Reading" - Tantras (The Avatar Trilogy - Book Two) by Richard Awlinson. I'm reading because my husband asked me to.

- "11/22/63" - actually re-reading because it is so freaking awesome and my sister gave it to me for my birthday.


Right now I'm alternating which I read, Tantras one day and '63 the next, unless my Mr & I are arguing about something then I just read '63 lol


I always have a book in my main vehicle, so-named my "van book:" "The Dream Cycle of H.P. Lovecraft: Dreams of Terror and Death." It's a collection of Lovecraft's works (mostly unfinished, so far) with an intro by Neil Gaiman. My very first experience with Lovecraft and I really don't think it should be a van book so it may get upgraded to  "Officially Reading" once I finish the two books under that category.


"Bathroom Book" (Pretty self-explanatory): "The Voyage of the Luna 1" copywrighted in 1949 and written by David Craigie. A book so old it isn't even listed on Goodreads! It's a bit hard to read because it doesn't describe very much....it's rather like reading a Dick & Jane book but with a story.


Every once and a while I want to just rip through something easy. My "Easy Read" is currently "Just After Sunset" by Stephen King. I haven't gone through it in a while.


So there you have it!! What I'm reading right now.